First report of Diaporthe paranensis causing peach fruit rot
Andrea Dantas de Souza; Simone Mieko Yamamoto; Edlayne Gonçalez, Ricardo Harakava

The production of peaches in Brazil is concentrated in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo.Peachis a fruit rich in sugars and water, and these characteristics, combined with wounds in the harvesting and post-harvest stages, are determinants of shelf life of the fruit. Several fungi were isolatedfrom peaches with rot spots obtained at the central fruit and vegetables distribution center of São Paulo (CEAGESP). Fungal identification was performed by sequencing of the ITS region genes. Twenty isolates were identified as Monilinia fructicola, two as Botrytis cinerea, and two as Diaporthe spp. (D. cf. heveae and D. paranensis), the last two never before reported as causing postharvest rot in any fruit. Pathogenicity of D. paranensis was confirmed by observation of rot symptoms on inoculated peach fruits, reisolation and molecular identification of the fungus. This is the first report of D. paranensis causing postharvest peach fruit rot.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v10n1a1