Animal Figures of Sasanian Stucco in Tepe Hissar
Dr. Seyyed Rasool Mousavi Haji, Dr. Mohammad Eghbal Chehri

One of the most important sites of sasanian period in Iran that stucco was found is Tepe Hissar in south east of Damghan.There was a sasanian palace with limited decoration and beautiful stucco in this Tepe which variety of motif fragments made it as so valuable studies that lead us to better understanding of the stucco art of this era. the noticeable part of stucco decorations contain animal figures that contain animals like: lion, deer, ram and boar. In this article, It have been attempted to clarify certain era, style and applications of figures by exact description and compare its fragments with the stucco of other sasanian sites. The final purpose is to clarify the aspects of sasanian stucco art and inventive ideas of this reliefs.

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