Estimation of Domestic Energy Consumption and Carbon Emission in Mid Himalayan Region of Himachal Pradesh, India
Ritica Sood, R K Aggarwal, P K Mahajan, S K Bhardwaj, S Sharma

The fuel consumption pattern in the study area indicated that the major fuels used were electricity (100%), wood (93.3%), crop residues (46%), kerosene (22.7%) and LPG (93.3%) whereas biogas and, coal were used in negligible quantities (0.67%), that too, in specific areas. Per capita household consumption of fuelwood, kerosene, LPG and electricity was found to be 60.66 kg, 0.49 liters, 1.41cylinders, 137.08 kWh respectively. Estimated annual Co2 emission in rural areas of Solan block was worked to be 103.92 tonnes for kerosene; 282.14 tonnes for LPG; 7.79 tonnes for electricity and 7092.1 tonnes for fuelwood.

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