The Reseidual Effect of Malathion (Organophosphate) and Sevin (Carbamate) application on Soil and Carrot (Daucus carota L.) Growth
M.O. Gafar, A.Z. Elhag M.O.A. Warrag, M. E.Yagi

An experiment was conducted at Shambat Agricultural Farm, College of Agricultural Studies, Sudan University of Science and Technology, to study the effect of Sevin and Malathion residues on soil and carrot growth. Both pesticides were added at the concentrations of 1.08 (recommended dose) and 1.78 Kg/ha, (excessive dose) in addition to a control to evaluate their effect on plant and soil. The measurements taken were plant height, shoot fresh and day weight, leaf area, pH, total nitrogen, CO32- , HCO3- , Cl- , Ca2+, Mg2+ , and the electric conductivity(Ec.) of the soil solution. The results revealed that both chemicals affected positively carrot vegetative growth and yield, at the recommended dose, but negatively at the excessive dose. Both pesticides reduced the measured soil characteristics.

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