Assessment of Dynamic Vulnerability by Tcr Method: Application to the Aquifer R'mel (Morocco)
Hind Es Saouini, Mina Amharref, Abdes Samed Bernoussi

In the aim to test the temporal vulnerability variability, assessed by TCR method, we have considered in this work data on R'Mel aquifer for two different hydrological years. The TCR is an indexing and weighting method, taking into account three parameters characterizing the transfer of a contaminant from the Soil Interface Zone (SIZ) to the water table: the transit time (T) of a pollutant through the Unsaturated Zone (UZ), the purification degree (C'p/Cp) and the recharge degree (R'/R). Assessment and vulnerability mapping of the R'Mel aquifer for the years 2003 and 2005 considered as wet and dry respectively, allowed us to get two maps. These vulnerability maps are slightly different, while the maps of the three parameters have significant variations. Indeed, the range vulnerability index obtained is between 0.14 and 7.9 for 2003 and between 0.067 and 8.5 for 2005. This index variation is reflected on 8% of the total area of the study zone. However, the weights of the three parameters determined by the sensitivity tests are the same.

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