Aspects of Rainfall Characteristics in Awka Urban Centre
Enete, I.C, Ikepeazue, F.O, Ugwu, J

Aspect of rainfall characteristic in Awka urban centre for a period of 36 years was examined. The research considered mean monthly and annual rainfall; onset, cessation and length of rainy season (LRS). Months of high and low rainfall as well as the annual rainfall with high and low variability were identified. Analysis of rainfall variability and seasonality are attempted. The rainfall data was presented using tables and graphs; while smoothing graph of 3 years interval was used to check deviation of rainfall. The mean monthly rainfall, mean annual rainfall, mean onset, mean cessation and mean length of rainy season are 149.88mm, 1798.52mm, 21st March, 20th October and 223.44 respectively. Result showed that rainfall in Awka was markedly seasonal in character having 7 months of wetness and 5 months of dryness. The monthly rainfall was recorded highest in September (289.59mm) and lowest in December (6.23mm); while the year 1997 recorded the highest annual rainfall of 2470.5mm and the year 2007 recorded the lowest annual rainfall of 861.3mm.

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