Farmers’ Perception on Temperature, Rainfall Patterns and Water Stress in Matope Ward, Mt. Darwin District, Zimbabwe
Tarisai Kanyepi, Vincent Itai Tanyanyiwa

The study aimed at assessing farmers’ perceptions on climate change adaptation and water stress at farm-level Matope Ward in Mt Darwin district of Zimbabwe. The research was conducted through the mixed methods approach. The enquiry was done with the aim of gathering an in-depth understanding of smallholder farmers’ perception on the rainfall and temperature patterns experienced in past four decades in Matope Ward. Data collected during the study revealed that residents of Matope Ward perceived changes in rainfall and temperature based on their daily experiences. They associate climate change with rising temperatures and late onset of rains accompanied by shorter rain season lengths. An empirical analysis of rainfall suggested decreasing rainfall trends between 1920 and 2008.The study recommends that there is need to educate farmers about climate change so that they are able to design adaptation strategies that take into cognizance existing local level knowledge and government needs to avail agricultural research results relevant to the small holder farmers and train them on how to use the results to make informed on-farm investment decisions.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v3n3a5