Effect of Pre-Harvest Application of Paclobutrazol on Postharvest Quality of Mangoefruit (Mangiferaindicacv Manila)
Alma Vázquez-Luna1, Gustavo Martínez-Castellanos, Eduardo Rivadeneyra-Domínguez, Rafael Díaz-Sobac

Chemical assisted floralinduction is a common practice in manila mangoe fruit, however, the effects on post-harvest fruit quality is still notclear, hence the present study aimed to evaluate, the ripening process in mangoe fruit harvested from orchards treated with paclobutrazol (PBZ). The results showed that the use of PBZ reduced the production of ethylene and in consequence the respiration rate and processes of physical and chemical ripening. Fruit firmness from trees treated with PBZ was higher during post-harvest storage. These effects demonstrate that PBZ has a suppressor effect on fruit ripening and an important effect on post harvest life.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v3n3a6