Amino Acidsaction on Agrochemicals Applied in Soybean ‘BMX Potência RR’
Valdinei Moreira dos Santos, Diego Kitahara Araujo, Maria Bernadete Gonçalves Martins, Paulo Roberto de Camargo e Castro

To investigate an agrochemical able to exert effect against stresses caused by fungicides and plant growth regulators (PGR) in soybean, we carried out an essay aiming to test a mixture of amino acids that has potential effect against chemical stress damages in plants. Potted soybean plants were sprayed with a fungicide (3 mL L-1) at V5, R2, and R3 stages and a PGR (30 mg L-1) at V5 stage, with and without amino acids (5 mL L-1),besides application of amino acids isolated, and the check. Therefore, six treatments with six replications were utilized in a randomized blocks design and data were analyzed by the Tukey test (p<0.05). The fungicide applied three times in soybean ‘BMX Potência RR’ reduced the pods and grains dry mass and pods and grains number, increasing the chlorophyll content in the leaves. The fungicide +amino acids reduced the shoot and pods dry mass and grains number, and increased chlorophyll content. The PGR +amino acids reduced the chlorophyll content, shoot dry mass, and pods number.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v4n1a24