Nitrate Adsorption using Sugar Cane Bagasse Physicochemically Changed
Daniel Schwantes, Affonso Celso Gonçalves Jr., Daniele Cristina Schons, Thaísa Gabriela Veiga, Raquel Cristina Diel, Vilson Schwantes

For avoiding the possible environmental impacts the adequate treatment is necessary, being one of the alternatives the adsorption process. Studies involving kinetics, equilibrium and thermodynamic were performed for adsorption of nitrate in adsorbent materials modified chemically and physically. The adsorbents were obtained by physical-chemical modifications with heating of sugar cane bagasse and addiction of phosphoric acid 3 mol L-1 with temperatures ranging until 480ºC in oven. With the obtained results for kinects of adsorption it was found a max adsorbed quantity in thirty minutes. The equilibrium study demonstrate higher removal percentages of nitrate in lower initial concentrations, and the thermodynamic studies demonstrate better results for adsorption at 25ºC. The occurrence of multilayers was also observed according to Freundlich model, and with predominance of non-spontaneous system of adsorption. Among the positive aspects of this study is the possibility of the use of an agro industrial waste, generated in large quantities in the country and still with few use, and that the adsorption process of contaminant removal is economically viable, being interesting the development and improve of this process, searching for higher efficiency of the process.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v4n1a7