Factors of Environmental Degradation in Oil Producing Communities of Delta State, Nigeria
Prof. Atubi, A. O. (Ph.D.)

This study examines the factors of environmental degradation in oil producing communities of Delta State, Nigeria. Results showed that 95.2% of the people had experienced environmental degradation from the oil producing communities and some agreed that most of the effects are still ongoing. The overall major cause of environmental degradation in all the oil producing communities is the negligence of duty by government agencies charged with oversight duties of monitoring and compliance (30.8%), Neglect of Environmental regulations/compliance (26.8%), corruption (23.6%), lack of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports from companies either at the beginning of the project or periodic assessment (14.7%) respectively. This has however, given rise to high degree of sabotage that causes oil spillage in the area. The data collected were analyzed using the multiple regression analysis (MRA). From the analysis oil spillage mode explained 100% while in the case of gas flaring the model explained 74.39% at <0.05. Based on the findings, recommendations were proffered.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v4n2a7