Abundance and Distribution of Fish Species in Three Water Bodies in Asaba Metropolis, Delta State, Nigeria.
Ayamre, E.U., Ekelemu, J.K.

Fish abundance and distribution in Onah Lake, Anwai River and lower River Niger at cable point where studied. Sampling was conducted between July and December 2013 using gill nets, fish traps, and hooks. One thousand four hundred and eighty seven fish specimens were collected, sorted, and identified to species level. Twenty families were reported of which three namely (Notopteridae, Dasyatidae and Mormyridae) were found only in River Niger. Seven families (Malapteruridae, Bagridae, Characidae, Cyprinidae, Hepsetidae, Mochokidae and Cichlidae) were found in the three water bodies. Anwai River was the least diverse having only seven families while River Niger was the most diverse with twenty families and seven hundred and eighteen individuals. The most abundant family was Mochokidae with a total individuals of four hundred and forty one (29.65%) of the total specimens collected. The least abundant species were Hemichromis bimaculatus and Auchenoglamus biscutatus which had one individual each (0.0007%) of the total population sampled. The rich assemblage of fish species collected indicates that these water bodies have the potential for fish production if property managed.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v5n1a15