Comparative Proximate Analysis of Leaves and Bark of Alchornea Cordifolia (Euphorbiaceae)
Ngaha, N.M.I.; Dahlan, I.2; Massoma, L.D.; Mandengue, S., H.; Yusuf, A.A.

This study was conducted to determine and compare the nutritional value of the leaves and bark of Alchornea Cordifolia using standard analytical method (Proximate analysis). Three samples of leaves and bark of Alchornea Cordifolia were taken and analyzed for its nutritional content. The result of leaves revealed the presence of 13.19% of Crude Protein, 1.12% of Ether Extract, 33.58% of Crude Fiber, 58.51% of Neutral Detergent Fiber, 39.71 % of Acid Detergent Fiber, 15.65% of Acid Detergent Lignin, 8.72% of moisture, 91.27% of dry matter and 96.36% of Organic matter. The proximate analysis on the bark also revealed the presence of 5.61% of crude protein, 0.72% of Ether Extract, 31.37% of Crude Fiber, and 60.57% of Neutral Detergent Fiber, 49.64% of Acid Detergent Fiber, 29.23% of Acid Detergent Lignin, 10.06% of moisture, 89.93% of dry matter, and 89.65 % of organic matter for bark. The results confirmed that there is variation in nutritional value of Alchornea Cordifolia leaves and bark. However, the results indicated that Alchornea Cordifolia is a good source of nutritional elements which supports their use as food and medicinal plant.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v5n1a21