Performance F5 Population based on Selection Marker by Bulk Segregant Analysis on Acid Soil
Arvita Netti Sihaloho, Robert Harianja

The objective of this research was to obtain information about growth and production F5 population markers tolerant Al selected in acid soil condition. For determinating markers linked to Al tolerant character and phenotyping, F2 population by crossing Argomulyo (sensitive) with Tanggamus (tolerant) and both of parent were planted in nutrient culture. Based on phenotyping root length was used for markers selection by bulk segregation analysis. F4 population was selected based on yield of plant and continued markers selection. The result shown that selection criteria in F4 population was done to seed weight seed by plant giving to repair middle value all observed characters except 100 seeds weight character was negative. Selection used molecular markers obtained genetic progress in F4 population especially to seed weight by plant character. The selection used markers produced 20 genotypes linked acid soil markers OPH-12-1200. Based on selection of yield character and markers, 30 genotypes were planted and obtained that vegetative growth and production components of genotypes linked tolerant marker better than genotypes no linked tolerant marker. There were 6 genotypes linked tolerant markers obtained, had seed weight per plant and seeds weight 100 higher than tolerant parent Tanggamus on acid soil.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v4n2a6