The Sustainable Development in Mali
Dr Cheick Oumar Kangama

The government of Mali has the ambition to transform the country’s economy into a green and climate resilient economy. The objective of the workshop is to identify the pillars for the development of Mali based on the principal of a green and climate resilient economy. Climate change and energy challenges being a priority for developing countries, Investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency is important to reduce the negative economic, social and environment impact of energy production and consumption in Mali. Mali is aware that non- renewable resources are exhausted inexorably and tries to limit its energy dependence by using on solar energy, wind or fuels. With the current level of economic production in the world, many essential ecosystems are threatened or destroyed. Environmental degradation in developing countries is often viewed in terms of access to the resource. It should be noted that the societal and social dimension is at the heart of climate, energy and environmental issues.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v6n2a10