Importance of Sorghum Bicolor in African’s Cultures
Cheick Oumar Kangama

Sorghum, (Sorghum, bicolor, L Moench) is the 5 th important food crop in the world. Sorghum is vitally important cereals for maintenance of food security in Africa. It’s belongs to the grass family graminea. Sorghum in Africa is processed into a very wide variety of attractive and nutritious traditional foods, such as semi-leavened bread, couscous, dumplings and fermented. Sorghum is an excellent source to assist digestion, and is rich in dietary fiber, prevents cancer and controls diabetes. In potential for sorghum to be the driver of economic development in Africa is enormous. Continuing focused fundamental and applied research is essential to unleash sorghum’s capacity to be the cornerstone of food security in Africa.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v6n2a16