The Context Socio-Environmental an Opportunity to Teach Public Health “Environmental Learning Scenarios” in Metztitlán Hidalgo, México
Ruvalcaba-Ledezma Jesús Carlos, Cortés-Ascencio Sandra Yazmín, Raygoza Anaya Miguel, Interían Gómez Leticia, Cobián Díaz Mariela Lizbeth,García-Romero Evelin, Maza García Alejandro Augusto, LópezContreras Luilli, Romero Y, Toribio JiménezJeiry, Reynoso Vázquez Josefina

Metztitlán Hidalgo, Mexico is a population that is characterized by productive labor camp food and also has temporary irrigation systems, a situation that allows you to add such statewide percentage of food production nationwide field is an important municipality in the field of agriculture. Farmers have used a wide variety of agricultural products, including, herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides, it is known that the latter is associated with health risks and even the manifestation of diseases like cancer. Undergraduate students of a surgeon's career take courses such as Introduction to public health and epidemiology, during classroom lectures ranging doubts towards the cure of diseases, a situation that motivated contextual activities in pursuit of learning in the context, where you insert the origin of them to make special emphasis on understanding biological processes prior to the manifestation of these. Therefore, it was decided to start field visits for contact from these types of contexts and by developing a qualitative scientific research biological processes and assess their learning on the eve of achieving a better understanding and impact professional future in the preventive.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v6n2a5