Seed Production and Technical Efficiency of Sorghum Farmers in Mali

This study aimed to determine the effect of self-seed production on the technical efficiency of certified sorghum seed users in Mali. We applied the estimated Cobb Douglas stochastic production boundary using Frontier 4.1 and Stata 14software. The data are made of 63 certified seed producers during the March-April 2013 seed value chain survey as part of the research project "Strengthening Sustainable Seed Systems for Food Crops and Oilseeds and Proteins" to ensure food security and increase farmers' incomes in West and Central Africa. ". The results found out that, the average technical efficiency score of sorghum producers is 0.67, implying that sorghum cultivation in the study area can be improved by 0.33, without additional cost. In addition, the technical efficiency determinants are age, education and motorized equipment. Otherwise, the data revealed that, the self-seed production by farmer does not affect its technical efficiency in the sorghum production, in Mali.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v7n1a7