Pedological and Environmental Characterization of a Humid Enclave: The Case Serra Da Meruoca, Ceará, Brazil(A).
Marcos Venicios Ribeiro Mendes and Simone Ferreira Diniz

This work presents a pedological and environmental characterization in humid enclave areas in the Brazilian Northeast, particularly, in the residual mountain of Meruoca Sierra, located in Ceará Northwest region, where a spatial clipping was used to research on screen. Both adopted materials and methods followed two stages: desk and field research. At first it was read articles about such topic having GST (General System Theory) as basis. In this sense, field researches were carried out to observe natural and artificial compounds collecting data to make a map of the area in question. Results show that the soil studied is important to farmers living there, mainly to the practice of a subsistence crop. Meanwhile, it is realized that pedological studies are important to understand landscape distribution and agricultural production, being also a resource to carry out territorial planning.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v8n1a20