Yield and Cost of Biochar Produced by a Locally Fabricated Reactor
Akom, M., A. Fanyin - Martin, C. Oti-Boateng, E.Otoo1 and E. Dawoe

This study examines the yield and cost of biochar produced using a locally developed reactor. Biochar yield of 540 kg was obtained from 1460 kg of wood shaving feedstock used. The average charring ratio and feedstock were 37% and122 kg respectively. A total of 988 kg of firewood was used to produce the biochar in 35 days. The total cost of production was GH¢ 1214.42 (USD 631.49) with an average of GH¢ 4.99 (USD 2.59), GH¢ 20.58 (USD 10.70), GH¢ 26.52 (USD 13.79) and GH¢ 19.95 (USD 10.37) spent on feedstock, firewood, transportation and labour per day respectively. It is suggested that locally manufactured reactor should address heat loss issues as well as improve heat capture system. The facility should also be sited near the source of feedstock as much as possible to reduce transportation cost. It is also recommended that the price of biochar should be subsidized once it has an established market.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jaes.v9n2a1